How I organize my books

Barcode stickers as book tags

I keep all of my books organized in Librarian Pro by Koingo Software. Admittedly, the Windows port is a sort-of-slow version of the Mac software, but it’s usable and rather pretty.

Librarian Pro interface
The Librarian Pro software I use to catalogue books

Along with this, I use a USB barcode scanner to import items by their EAN/UPC barcodes. Librarian Pro connects to Amazon’s APIs and loads book metadata based on that barcode.

Laser barcode scanner
The operative end of a laser barcode scanner

After importing a book, I make sure to tag it with a code of my own, specific to my collection. For that, I have these stickers:

Barcode stickers as book tags
Barcode stickers as book tags

And voila, an electronically-catalogued library of books awaits. It’s pretty easy to add location information to the metadata to help look for books, as well as generate HTML pages to show off or sell used books.

Quotes from Dostoevsky

I am presently studying Notes from Underground, an amazing literary work that examines the human condition.

There are a number of quotations that may be easily applied to my life, or indeed, the lives of most humans.

… you constantly come up in life against those virtuous and sensible people, sages and lovers of mankind, who make it their very life’s purpose to conduct themselves at all times as properly and sensibly as possible; to serve, as it were, as guiding lights to their fellow men, to the end of proving to them that it is indeed possible to live in the world both decently and sensibly. And what does it all come down to? We know how many of these lovers of mankind have sooner or later ended up by betraying their own fine principles and pulling some scandalous antic–often of a most disreputable nature.

Yup, that’s me; I am a person who tries to act sensibly, logically, and decently. I can fully see the possibility, how ever much I wish to discredit it, of myself — at some point — doing something indecent and contrary to my principles.

Later on, there is another noteworthy paragraph:

In every man’s memory there are things he won’t reveal to others, except, perhaps, to friends. And there are things he won’t reveal even to friends, only, perhaps, to himself, and then, too, in secret. And finally, there are things he is afraid to reveal even to himself, and every decent man has quite an accumulation of them. In fact, the more decent the man, the more of them he has stored up.

Those of you who are pestering me about secrets may take something from this.

Errors or typos?

I am known for pursuing refined grammar and great spelling, where the former is practiced in writing, and the latter is practiced in crosswords.

I am also known for criticizing bad grammar or grammar that may be improved.

Can you imagine the sort of distaste I felt when I saw this in my junk (snail) mail? (annotations added)

Bad first aid guide

By the way, it was actually part of an ad for a realtor. Who knows what sorts of real estate agents are common these days?

My Question for You

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