My FOIA request to US Customs and Border Protection

I was bored. At 4 in the morning. And I had just received a summary of a story about someone who sent an FOIA request to US Customs and Border Protection.

So I decided to do the same.

Here’s a redacted copy of my letter to CBP requesting two categories of records.

US CBP FOIA Request thumbnail

If you’re a (non-)resident alien, try it too — you can use this as a template!

3 Replies to “My FOIA request to US Customs and Border Protection”

  1. Perhaps a dumb question, but why would you FOIA this? Wouldn’t you already have this information from when you passed through customs?

    1. Yup, they responded to the first part (entry/exit) with a heavily redacted record of dates, locations of entry/exit, mode of transportation, etc. It seemed like the parts that were redacted were the identities of the border officers. Didn’t send me anything on the I-94 though. AND they took way longer than the statutory time period, but that seems to be expected these days for FOIA requests.

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