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Last revised December 2, 2018.


You may use textual content (e.g. blog posts) from my site under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons Licence
Frederick’s Timelog by Frederick Ding is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are outlined on this page, and can be requested by contacting Frederick Ding.

Images, audio, and multimedia

Please do not use media you find through my site unless you are otherwise certain that you can do so under fair use or an explicit license. I cannot guarantee that images shown here can be reused elsewhere. If I created it, and you want to use it, please contact me.

Patents and trademarks

Except where expressly stated (such as by a software license that explicitly confers use rights), nothing on this site shall be construed as an implicit waiver or license of applicable patent and trademark rights, even if it constitutes a public disclosure or prior art.


If you would like to remove from this site anything that you allege to be your content, you should contact me first. I will make a best effort to comply.

If I am in doubt as to the validity of your claim or the legality of your request for removal, I may seek legal advice before taking action. If I am certain that you are not the owner or an authorized agent, or if I am convinced that my use of the claimed content complies with fair use under U.S. law, I may refuse to cooperate.

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