My name is Frederick Ding, and I am a 3L at the Harvard Law School. My particular interests are in the intersection of technology and law.


  • Technology and law
    • Intellectual property for software, electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals
    • Internet regulation: net neutrality, free speech/anonymity, scarce resource allocation
    • Privacy: surveillance, encryption
    • Cybersecurity: corporate breaches, cybercrime, criminal law policy
    • End-user rights: format shifting, anti-circumvention, scraping, other fair use
  • Consumer protection
    • Mandatory arbitration clauses, access to justice
    • Click-through licenses, terms of use, acceptable use policies, contracts of adhesion
  • Programming & web development
    • Python, Java, MATLAB, R, PHP, JavaScript/Node.js, HTML/CSS… dabbling in others…
  • Computer networking, virtualization, systems administration
    • Enterprise-grade server and storage hardware
    • Citrix XenServer, KVM, oVirt, Docker
    • IPv6, VLANs, 10GbE over fibre and copper
    • Active Directory, FreeIPA, LDAP, SAML, SSO

Open source work

I used to code. Most of those projects are now unmaintained and defunct.

Elsewhere on the web

Tweet at me: @FrederickDing.


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