Support the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Participants of the event raise their bikes

As someone who has life thanks to science, and who values the science of life, I ask you support the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2010 for scientific research to help the lives of others.

A friend of mine, who has run 5 km and 10 km marathons before, is participating in this year’s Ride to Conquer Cancerriding 320 km on a bike! Please do what you can, and donate if you can, and most of all cheer on Astrorider! He will need your support to fundraise $10 for each kilometre of hard work.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer logo

2 thoughts on “Support the Ride to Conquer Cancer”

  1. Hey Frederick,

    Jackson Wightman here. I am National Director of Communications for the Ride.

    Just wanted to thank you for the post. Exposure is always so helpful to us. I really love that you used the pic from our visual statement in TO. Should you or any of your readers have questions about the Ride, I am available at jwightman at endcancer dot ca.

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