Khadr interrogation tapes

This is indeed a political issue, and one of great importance. In this recently-declassified and released video, a senior CSIS spy and a foreign affairs official, as well as a woman from the CIA, are questioning Khadr at Guantanamo Bay.

It has sparked outrage and has also made some feel that this “terrorist” is being treated fairly.

You should know, though, that Pentagon papers accidentally released in February of this year showed that even though Khadr was present during the firefight in which a grenade killed a U.S. soldier, there was no evidence they had which proved that he threw the grenade.

Watch and vote.

EDIT: apparently YouTube removed the interrogation video. Hmm…

Classical music is for everyone

Most of you probably do not know that classical music is a passion of mine. In February of this year, Benjamin Zander (conductor of the Boston Philharmonic) gave an inspiring, beautiful, and fascinating talk at the TED conference. Here is the video, released this month.

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I personally think that this man is a genius in his methodology. Watch this video, and you too will be convinced that classical music does what few other musical genres can — inspire, move, and motivate.

Non-secure network

Novell NetWare Administrator has been shared (as in network shares) and can be executed by any user, and it can access the central server for the 1800+ student accounts and the 230+ staff accounts. The following screenshots show things that any logged-on user can access. (Clearly, I’ve taken out a few things for anonymity and to prevent others from abusing this ability. I plan on reporting this to a Site Admin.)

NetWare Administrator screen

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